I Am Happy with Regency

While it was an apartment that I wanted, I did not do a traditional search for one. I knew that I would be able to find a decent apartment at a number of different complexes. What I wanted to know though was how the management was at the ones I was interested in. Living in a nice place can be a rotten ordeal if the management company does not treat the tenants well. I really liked the apartments at Regency at Lookout Canyon, which is why I did an in depth look at Bridge Property Management, since they are the ones who run it.

I wanted to make sure there were no tenant complaints about them that seemed to be the norm. I looked at their website, but I also went to other websites that review apartments independently of the complex website. I knew that I would find out the good, the bad and the ugly at sites like this. The good thing is that I did not find anything that turned me away from them. In fact, they really seem to go out of their way to fix a complaint when one is lodged, which doesn’t seem to be that often.

Knowing that they treat their tenants well is what made me choose Regency. I like everything that this complex offers to residents, and I know that I will be able to make myself a good home here. The apartment I have is really nice, and I have more space than I have ever had before. It is also just a short walk to the pool, which is where I can be found on most days when I am not working. I have met some great friends here already, and I am just really happy that this is the place I ended up at.