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We also provide venues for addressing some thematic and regional elements of peacemaking. Gerenciamento part of the international peacemaking community, CMI is committed to international mediation standards. CMI produces mediation processes that aid the development of sustainable solutions to conflict. Mediation and dialogue are the most fundamental elements of our work. We address several challenges in Gerenciamento peace process: Here, the core of our work consists of activities in which CMI directly engages with parties to the conflict and other stakeholders as an impartial facilitator, Gerenciamento de crises.

Through these engagements, CMI provides space for dialogue and negotiations to analyse the situation and work together with stakeholders towards mutually acceptable solutions for ending the conflict. In mediation and dialogue our niche is on informal, yet high-level interactions. Often the major added value of our crises lies precisely in the unofficial crises of these engagements.

Unofficial processes are at their best when they create safe spaces and communication channels where essential and difficult questions related to the conflict can be discussed, analysed and agreed on without being compromised by the high-stakes political manoeuvrings that often characterize official political struggles. And when this is coordinated with the official efforts, it provides a crucial building block in search for overall solutions.

By providing mediation support we help states, organisations and key individuals to be better equipped to undertake and support mediation endeavours. We deploy and share our pool of expertise and experience with other third-party mediators to support them in the long term in preventing and resolving conflicts in their target countries.

There is increased recognition internationally of the need to strengthen the overall mediation capabilities of the different actors working in international mediation. Peace processes that are aimed at a mediated solution to a political conflict include a wide range of actors with different skills, resources and mandates to contribute to the mediation process.

Providing effective support to the international mediation community can increase the chances of successfully preventing, mitigating and resolving conflicts, and of thereby creating a durable and equitable peace. Mediation support includes long-term support addressing some of the systemic gaps in the international peace making system as well as on-demand operational support focusing on specific peace processes.

CMI increasingly focuses on the latter, by supporting specific mediation teams in their mandated efforts. These on-demand activities can be carried out within long-term partnerships, such as our cooperation with the African Union and the European Union. Another cornerstone of our operational support is our ability to link unofficial dialogue to official peace process efforts.

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In our experience, the Gerenciamento success elements of peace processes can many times be best guaranteed if the conflict prevention and resolution efforts are embedded in nationally-led entities within the existing political systems. Our underlying assumption in this context is that to prevent and resolve conflicts, external mediators or peace processes that are separate from the political and societal practices may not always be needed.

CMI plays crises constructive role in working directly with the key actors responsible for broader political processes, such as crises dialogues, parliamentary work and societal, political and legislative reforms. We can bring together the best practices of crises and dialogue — namely trust building, inclusion and analytical frameworks which emphasize political compromises over competition — and integrate them with Gerenciamento political practices, Gerenciamento de crises.

The activities can focus on direct support to national actors. However, the activities often consist of well-coordinated dialogue efforts through which CMI can click the following article venues for informal exchange of ideas under the umbrella of nationally owned processes. CMI works hard around the world to help building sustainable peace. You can support our work by donating any amount you will via a Gerenciamento transfer:.

MobilePay is a service that enables secure and easy money transfers with just a phone number. It works with all Finnish banks and mobile operators. CMI is a neutral, Finnish peace broker that works crises solving conflicts. This works only in Finland, Gerenciamento Finnish operators. Martti Ahtisaari is a former UN diplomat, a Finnish statesman and a renowned peace mediator in international conflicts.

He crises played a leading role in crises deals in several parts of the world. Ahtisaari felt he could make a greater contribution to peacemaking by directly tackling the root causes of conflicts.

To this end, that same year he established the Crisis Management Initiative, the aim of which was to help the international community to engage in preventive diplomacy and peacebuilding. Since then, CMI has grown to become one of the leading specialists in conflict prevention and resolution. Martti Ahtisaari was elected President of the Republic of Finland in early and served one term in office, until early Since then he has taken on various tasks in the areas of peace mediation and conflict resolution.

Inhe helped facilitate the peace process between the Government of Indonesia and the Free Aceh Movement. Although a wholehearted global citizen, Ahtisaari is far from being a rootless cosmopolitan. The Finnish and Nordic model of social justice remains of crucial importance to his thinking, and he is an ardent believer and proponent of the Nordic welfare state model as an inspiration for others throughout the world. The Ahtisaari staff support all his individual tasks and commitments, and the office works closely with CMI and the other organisations with which he is involved.

He held office until early President Ahtisaari is active in numerous non-governmental capacities. He is Chairman of the Independent Commission on Turkey. He is also a member of the Elders, an independent group of global leaders working for peace and human rights, and a member of the Prize Committee of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation.

Ahtisaari was elected President of the Republic of Finland in February He held office from the 1st of March to the 29th of February Soon after leaving office Mr. Martti Ahtisaari was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in Induring his remaining time as President of Finland Mr.

Upon completion of his one term in office as President of Finland, Martti Ahtisaari founded the Crisis Management Initiative, an NGO dedicated to conflict resolution, crisis management and peace mediation. These have been Mr. Facilitator in the peace process between the Government of Indonesia and the Free Aceh Movement in The process led to the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding, thereby ending three decades of conflict in Aceh.

Ahtisaari graduated from the University of Oulu in and received an Honorary Doctorate Pedagogy from the University in He holds many Honorary Doctorates from a variety of fields and countries. These photos are free for media to use in conjunction with news stories related to CMI or Martti Ahtisaari. If used, CMI and the name of the photographer must be credited. Please inform CMI in advance where the photo is to be used. For any questions about the photos or inquiries for additional photos please contact comms a cmi.

All conflicts can be resolved. CMI is now one of the leading organisations in its field. MISSION Finnish non-profit organisation that works to prevent and resolve violent conflicts by involving all relevant actors in the effort to create sustainable peace. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn E-mail. They are the core competencies of CMI, an independent conflict resolution organisation that helps conflict parties settle their differences. Some figures of our programme during Our approach In the field of international peacemaking, we have the great advantage of having strong Finnish roots.

Cooperation The processes that lead to a peaceful negotiated solution of a violent conflict require extensive cooperation and coordination among various actors. Support to states and societies. President Ahtisaari meets with delegation from Aceh.

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A critical friend helps CMI to clarify its strengths. Libyan women call for more concrete channels to participate in decision-making. Alexander Stubb appointed as the new CMI chairman.

Youth support reconciliation between Palestinians: Supporting peace makes business sense. Networks pave Gerenciamento way for crises in peace mediation. The European Parliament appreciates the success in promoting dialogue in Moldova. High-level seminar shared best practices for inclusion of women in peacemaking. CMI has gained a unique crises in Iraq. Two towns seek a common future after war: Building bridges between Palestinians. Action plan adopted to improve the quality of life in Gagauzia.

South Sudan holds out hope for peace. Debating the role of various non-traditional actors in peace making. The Elders come to Finland in May. The Elders saapuu Suomeen ensi keväänä. Pohjoismaisten naisrauhanvälittäjien osaaminen esillä Etelä-Afrikassa, crises.

Gerenciamento on RunFestin hyväntekeväisyyskumppani, Gerenciamento. Tampereella ollaan tänä syksynä rauhan asialla. Yemeni political actors agree on joint recommendations to Gerenciamento in resolving ongoing conflict. Working under the radar. Media can also contribute to peace. Getting our priorities right. Foreword from Gerenciamento Chairman in our latest Annual Report.

High-level meeting highlights the crises to crises Nordic women mediators with their counterparts in conflict affected countries. CMI has a new look and new website. CMI uudisti ilmeen ja verkkosivut. Sharing experiences from Cyprus and Transdniestrian conflict settlement cases.

Interviews with keynote speakers. Game Changers seminar was a success. Yemeni women for peace: Working group on Gagauzia visits UK to study devolution. CMI holds consultations in Ukraine. The Official Working Group on Gagauzia has begun its activities. Perspectives on the Yemeni crisis and prospects for peace. President Ahtisaari makes climate pledge. In search of joint responses to threats and challenges to European security.

Yemeni forums urge inclusive dialogue to end ongoing conflict. President Ahtisaari gets his own emoji. How to best engage parliamentarians in peace processes? Supporting Georgian government officials in their peace process competences. The National Dialogue Conference in Helsinki brings together practitioners from conflict-ridden countries to discuss peacebuilding efforts.

Nobel Peace Laureate turns his talents to bickering Santas. From entrenched conflict to sustainable peace — lessons learned from Northern Ireland and Scotland cases. UNSCR at 15 years: President Ahtisaari to serve as visiting professor at University of Cambridge. Investing in peace — interview with our donor. Supporting mediation skills of officials in Armenia — learning from best international practices. Interview with Ivan Krastev: Doing good while doing business — interview with our partner.

From high hopes to a humanitarian crisis. Methods and tools team — crafting tools for peace. CMI organises expert discussion on conflict in Ukraine.

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