802.11 wifi - wireless

Powered 802.11 by your computer, wireless Seed is a completely self-sufficient Wifi adapter, which, 802.11 wifi - wireless, by itself, will pull in more signals than most other USB Wifi devices in it's price range. Use the Seed by itself, or connect our high gain antennas or amplifiers to pull in signals from farther away then you ever thought possible!

Maximum legal power and longer range! With our powerful internal wireless card combined with an 8dB omni antenna the WaveRV Marine gives an amazing performance boost over integrated wireless and stock cards.

Typical results give up to 30 times the range of notebooks with integrated wireless. With a simple, single USB connection to any computer, this ultra long range antenna will dramatically increase wifi reception with no additional equipment required. The WiMag 8 can be connected to any 2.

Designed to be portable and easy to use, it is a great way here get long range wireless for 802.11 laptop. With up to 15 times the power of standard integrated wireless cards, the WaveLite's improved reception and power is like wireless around a portable wifi network in your pocket.

There is only one word to describe this awesome combination! And lots of it! If you travel with your notebook and use wireless, this is the best kit for hitting the hard to reach hotspots!! Wireless LAN Security, Border Gateway Protocol and Advanced Routing. Computer Forensics and Cybercrime Resources. The Computer Security Bookstore. Change the default Admin password on your Access Point this includes the webinterface.

Check if the firmware for your Wireless Access Point and drivers for your Wireless Adapter s are up to date.

Keep checking for new releases in the future. VisiWave Site Survey has been on the market for over 13 years and has customers in over 80 countries and most every US State. A maintenance release of VisiWave Site Survey was released. A new, major release of VisiWave Site Survey v5.

VisiWave Traffic is a new way to analyze wireless traffic. It's a packet analyzer with a visual twist. See the packets form a network as they travel from source to destination.

VisiWave Site Survey

A maintenance release of VisiWave v4. Sign up for access to the VisiWave Online Training Course and learn all aspects of performing a site survey and creating survey reports. A Wireless Site Survey Tool for Everyone VisiWave is designed to be straightforward to use but still effective at analyzing, describing, and documenting your Wi-Fi wireless network.

Visualize and Analyze Your Wireless Coverage 3. Introducing VisiWave Traffic 1.

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